CryptoParty NYC - December 5th, 2012 7:00 PM

*** UPDATE: We still need volunteers to go over stuff like OTR, GPG, maybe FileCrypt, as well as people that can help get tor installed on people’s machines. Add a session to the wiki page if you’re a bad enough dude|lady to enlighten the masses. ***

When: December 5th, 2012 7:00 PM EST

What: CryptoParties are locally-organized events aimed to help people use cryptography software to help protect their online privacy a little better. NYC is having one at AlphaOne Labs in Greenpoint. Bring your laptop December 5th to get help installing cryptography software tools like Tor and learn how they work. If you already know your onion routers from your onion rings, stop by to help people get stuff installed! It’s also a party in the Andrew WK sense of the word too, so BYOB if you’re over 21 and feel free to bring snacks.

When arriving, please use the south entrance and pull open the makeshift handle made of ethernet cable and rebellion if the gate is closed.


7:15 PM Shamoon Siddiqui: Using Tor for anonymity

7:30 PM David Huerta: Cryptocat is experimental but check it out if you like JavaScript a lot

7:45 PM Shamoon Siddiqui: Intro to Bitcoin

8:00 PM A brief word from our sponsors followed by pizza

8:05 PM Software installs / party hard

10:00 PM Tweet/dent about how awesome CryptoParty NYC was and go out spreading datalove to all your friends

Food and drinks generously provided by:


NOTE: RSVP is nice since space is limited, but not required.

ALSO NOTE: There may be reporters with cameras at the space, please let them know if you don’t want your photo taken.

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: May contain trace amounts of dubstep.