Notes for tonight’s meeting -
Tonight’s meeting notes can be found here:

Tonight’s meeting notes can be found here:

Tonight’s notes can be found here:

Tonight’s meeting notes can be found here

Tonight’s meeting notes can be found here:

Meeting Tonight - Collecting Paramecium from newton creek, surface mount soldering and going to be using our new etherpad server -  Hope to see you there!

Notes for tonight’s meeting February 3rd 2014 can be found here

We are going to structure this meeting a bit differently.  Everyone
will be given  6 minutes (strict time limit) to give their update /
talk / whatever at the podium.

Afterwards, we’ll brainstorm together for 6 more minutes then breakout
to our own projects.  This is an open meeting and all are welcome to
join.  See you there!

Alpay and Sean met and spoke about the tree project.

1. welcome new members, give out t-shirts— make intros if nec (does everyone  know everyone?)

2. individual project updates, new members, too talk about what they want to do
3. infrastructure updates 
  • heat- here but takes a while
  • expanding and renovating other rooms in Feb
  • rubber/foam mats coming for homeschooling meetup 
  • need to keep main room clear— will have designated places for common room clutter by first hs meetup
  • blackboard paint- other kid stuff that will come out and be put away as needed
4. first homeschooling meetup Monday, Jan 11, 11-4
5. debrief reprap meetup, talk about any other meetups/shows ppl want to host
4. go over weekly open hours for new people and teaching classes
6. party planning
  • burn 2009
  • other ideas?
  • need a volunteer to run it
5. blog posts— ask if anyone wants to contribute to the blog
6. reprap update
7. work on tree or individual project

1. welcome new members — make intros if needed. 

2. individual project updates 

3. infrastructure updates 
- still working on heat 
- new neighbors in rm 1 
- renting out other rooms 
- lockers — ask everyone to look out for deals 
- more shelving coming 
- floor… 

4. go over weekly open hours 

5. blog posts— ask if anyone wants to contribute to the blog 

6. reprap update 

7. brainstorming new projects add a new project to the list 

8. each person nominate a project on project list then vote on one to 
work on collaboratively 

9. start working on projects. 

We are building two RepRap Mendel 3d printers at the same time.  They 
will be twins! 

Topics for discussion: 

1) Structured Tuesday Meetings: 

1st Tuesday - Finance review 
2nd Tuesday - Open for suggestions 
3rd Tuesday FMoF - 5 minutes of fame talks 
4th Tuesday - Open for suggestions 

2) Electronics Junk - bring it in! We’ll be preparing 3 or so boxes to 
go out after Sunday. 

3) Individual member update 

4) Update on RepRap 

5) Break out into individual projects. 

This week’s meeting will focus on Projects and getting them done. 

We will have a public wave for anyone to attend virtually (already 
started below here).!w%252BInwH2ZUvA.3 

And as usual the physical space will be open for all to attend in 

Update: We lost the wave, if anyone had a backup let us know.  Essentially we just brainstormed about projects.